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At Boudoir we are about raising client’s expectations and setting the new standard within the Hair Industry. We are a buzzing Salon, we are for the clients who seek perfection, who long for a creative edge, for the time poor and for those who are looking for an experience, not just another visit to a salon, we want our clients to feel refreshed and reenergised after their experience at Boudoir.

Continuous training to refine our level of service & our skills is what keeps Boudoir evolving in our industry and delivering quality in our work to our clients. To us our clients are our number one priority, because without them, we are not hairdressers we are just people with scissors.

Meet Your Stylists

  • Lia Larsen

  • Creative + Technical Director

Since her first day on the salon floor almost a decade ago, Lia has been the driving force behind developing a superior Salon experience..

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It is her belief that great hair lasts more than just one day, it's that 'fresh hair feeling' she helps her clients to maintain.

And it starts with a simple philosophy. "No two people look the same and neither should their hair style. I like to find a colour and style that naturally accentuates a person's colouring and features."

Their eyes, brows, cheekbones and jawline. "It is important to work out a colour that fits in with someone's lifestyle, I want their hair to look and feel amazing right through their colour cycle."

As the styles and colours evolve with the seasons, so too do Lia's techniques. Avidly practicing what she preaches, it's Lia's motto; 'never stop learning.'

Jumping at any opportunity to learn new things. Lia has worked with international stars, and constantly pushes her style boundaries and skills during fashion week and label launches.

"I bring these new skills and experiences back to my clients and my team at Boudoir so they get to experience and learn from them.. Anything I benefit from, Boudoir does too."

  • Bonnie

  • Stylist + Colourist

  • Sarah

  • Emerging Stylist