At Boudoir we believe a well-structured, personalised hair cut is the foundation of great hair.

It’s simple, no two people look the same and neither should their hair style.

Your haircut needs to be the perfect ratio of style and practicality, because let’s face it most of us are not going to be giving ourselves a full-bodied blow-dry every morning, but would still like a style that we can ‘dress up’ for a night out or special occasion.

Style, fashion and how you live are forever changing; your haircut should evolve as your life does. This is where a fabulous Stylist comes into play. A well trained and practised stylist makes the difference between a good hair cutter and someone who cuts hair..

We want to get to know your hair (and you of course!)

• Tell us about your lifestyle and your hair. How do you style your hair and how long do you spend doing it every day. What do you like best about your hair and what do you like least? Do you have any areas of trouble?

• What do you feel is your best facial feature, eyes, brows, cheek bones, lips, jawline..

• How would you describe your personal style? Natural/effortless, edgy, modern, alternative, vintage

cut 5




These aspects along with the texture, density and behaviour of your hair is what will help us help you achieve your hair’s true potential to love that ‘fresh cut’ feeling!

Lia x