At Boudoir we love weddings and everything that a wedding entails! It’s not just about the hair on the day (which of course is the highlight!) but working with the Bride-to-be, and in fact the whole wedding party in the preparation for one of the most memorable days of your life.

It’s our job and our expertise in getting your hair in the best shape possible for your Big Day that makes the difference. Working on your colour, cut (yes, even long hair needs some shape to style with) and health of your hair so your hair looks as fabulous as possible on your day or all days.


Getting married? Growing your hair? ..These seem to go hand in hand as many brides-to-be grow their hair as long as possible by their wedding day, often avoiding a haircut along the way; this certainly does not do your hair any favours.. Hair grows roughly 1-1.25cm per month, so if you are noticing that you are getting regrowth but don’t seem to be gaining any length, the ends of your hair need some desperate attention!!

Depending on your hair cut/colour cycle (ask your stylist what they would suggest for your hair), I would recommend a tiny trim with every colour. When I say ‘tiny trim’, I’m talking tiny; only trimming the very ends, like 0.5cm-1cm. This will cut off dry, splitting ends whilst still maintaining the length you have grown between visits. Winning!


A colour should suit you so well that it looks like you were born with it! You hair shouldn’t be making the statement when your husband-to-be sees you for the first time walking down the aisle, you should. Your hair, makeup, dress and flowers should all compliment you and accentuate all of your best features.

Colouring hair is often a progressive journey, we advise to go see your colourist for a consultation and work out where you would like your hair to be for your Special Day. Your colourist can advise you on what tones and depths would work well with your complexion and bring out your best features; eyes, lips.. Then you can start working on the plan for your hair and colour cycle to get you there.

A colour is as unique as you are, no two people will ever and should never have exactly the same colour. End of story.


Let’s face it, healthy hair is beautiful hair. Healthy hair prolongs colour retention, hair is more manageable which makes life easier for you and you will gain length quicker (overall strength and healthiness of your hair will reduce breakage and split, fraying ends)

Ask your stylist what they would recommend, they can advise you what products will suit best for your hair and when to use them. They also may suggest exclusive in-salon treatments (like our new Split-end repair treatment, ah-mazing, and lasts u to 4 weeks!)

A final note, remember that it takes time to build up strength and overall health in your hair, it will take persistence in keeping up your hair care regime and following your cut/colour cycle to get there, but it will be well worth it when you feel the results of fabulous hair.

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