Hitting the slopes?

We all know that UV damages and fades our hair which is easily associated with the summer months, but can be just as bad in winter as well when you hit the slopes! ..That along with icy cold winds can really dry out your hair leaving it feeling brittle and looking a bit frizzy 🙁 

Using a leave in treatment containing UV protection on your hair before you head out will help shield your hair from winter conditions.

Hair feeling a little dry?

Defrosting in front of the heater all day, blasting the heater to max in the car and relaxing in front of the open fire are all wonderfully warm ways of staying cosy and snug this winter but do play havoc on our hair at the same time!

This dry heat from our heaters and fireplaces is like living in a dry climate for our hair which takes its toll on our locks. I wouldn’t recommend turning the heater off or not relaxing in front of the fire but I would definitely recommend weekly Masques and perhaps a leave in treatment to combat the effects of staying cosy and snug instead!

Here is what you can do..

1. It’s a good idea to consult with your hairdresser as to what shampoo and conditioner they would recommend. Your hair’s needs can change from time to time due to the season, change of colour, use of heat appliances and even health! So what you may have been using over the last 3 months might have been what your hair need then, not be what your hair needs right now

2. Weekly deep conditioning masque. At least once a week use it as your conditioner, Shampoo twice then once out of the shower towel dry hair and put the masque through the mids and ends of your hair, comb through and wrap your hair up in a towel and let it soak in. Then rinse. Be consistent and you will see the results of your efforts!
There are quite a few masques and treatments on our shelves so it’s best to ask your hairdresser as to what would suit best to your hair type.

3. Two words; YOUNG.AGAIN. It’s a leave in treatment oil that you can use daily, think of it like a daily multivitamin for your hair. It’s actually a UV and heat protector up to 220oC as well which is pure bliss for your ends!

4. Using a little less heat on your hair always helps. Day 1. Style your hair. Day 2. Touch up (if need be) but use your heat appliance on a much lower setting, that’s why we love our Cloud nines, all the wands and irons have settings as low as 75oC. If using your Cloud nine correctly, there isn’t many heads of hair out there that actually need 200oC to be used on them! Day 3. A bit of FRESH.HAIR or wear your hair up! – try this and see how you go, this will definitely reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair.

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